Alexandra Hutanu
Happy 4th of July!

We have a long and fruitful partnership with our American clients. We can say that it has become a tradition to receive and send Christmas gifts – we already have a collection of Columbus soccer team memorabilia.   

It’s no wonder we like to celebrate every 4th of July. If last year we celebrated it with homemade (actually, office-made) American pancakes (see below a sweet reminder), this year we asked our brandwebbers a series of quick American-themed questions. The result? See it below.


What’s the first American entrepreneur that comes to mind?

- Steve Jobs

- Jeff Bezos

- 4 x Bill Gates


What’s the first American dish that comes to mind?

- 3 x Burger

- Bacon and eggs

- Steak



What’s the first American brand that comes to mind?

- Levi's

- 2 x Ford

- Coca-Cola

- Victoria's Secret

- Amazon


First American actor?

- Al Pacino

- 3 x Tom Cruise 

- Jerry Seinfeld

- Jim Carrey


American city that you want to visit?

- 4 x New York

- Boston

- Las Vegas


American personality?

- 3 x Barack Obama 

- Henry Ford

- Trump

- Bill Gates


Happy 4th of July to all our dear partners! It's always a pleasure working with you.

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